Preset Multipressor

The Preset Multipressor is a simplified version of the Logic Pro Multipressor plug-in. A multi-band compressor splits the incoming signal into different frequency bands before applying compression. These frequency bands are then compressed independently. Following compression, the frequency bands are mixed back together, and sent to the output of the plug-in. The aim of independent compression on different frequency bands is to strongly compress the bands that need it, without introducing the pumping effect (on other bands) that would normally be heard when using high compression levels.

Figure. Preset Multipressor window.

The Preset Multipressor features a single pop-up menu that allows you to choose settings optimized for various genres. The names of these settings are self-explanatory. As always, use your ears to determine which one best fits your needs.

Note: The Preset Multipressor is automatically inserted in place of the Multipressor when you load Logic Pro projects (that contain Multipressor instances) into Logic Express.