An Introduction to the Logic Express Effects

Logic Express has an extensive range of digital signal processing (DSP) effects and processors that are used to color or tonally shape existing audio recordings, software instruments, and external audio sources—in real time. These will cover almost every audio processing and manipulation need you will encounter in your day-to-day work.

The most common processing options include EQs, dynamic processors, modulations, distortions, reverbs, and delays.

Less common are simulations of amplifiers and speaker cabinets, which enable you to “play” your instruments or other signals through a range of vintage and modern sound reproduction systems. Guitarists will also benefit from a number of classic pedal effect emulations.

Further advanced features include precise signal meters and analyzers, a test tone generator, noise reduction, pitch correction, imaging, bass enhancement, and time-altering processors and utilities.

As you can see, many of the included processors and utilities don’t really fall into the “effects” category, but they may prove to be invaluable in your studio.

All effects, processors, and utilities provide an intuitive interface that simplifies operation, enabling you to work quickly. Outstanding audio quality is assured when needed, or—at the other end of the spectrum—extreme processing is possible when you need to radically alter your audio. All effects and processors are highly optimized for efficient CPU usage.