TDM Plug-ins

Correctly installed TDM plug-ins and settings can be used in Logic Pro. Use of TDM plug-ins is very similar to the use of Logic Studio and Audio Units plug-ins. TDM plug-ins can be fully automated.

Note: Logic Pro does not support TDM Surround and multi mono plug-ins with two or more channels.

All TDM plug-in settings are saved with the project, and are automatically restored when the project is next loaded.

Logic Pro can read the Digidesign format for plug-in settings (the supplied settings of most plug-ins are saved in this format). Logic Pro automatically displays the corresponding files in a dialog when loading settings with the plug-in window Settings menu. Settings files are usually located in a Settings folder in the Library/Application Support/Digidesign folder. The name of the most recently chosen setting is indicated by a dot in the plug-in window Settings menu.

Support of TDM Plug-in Side Chains

You can select a different source for the side chain input (or key input) in some TDM plug-ins—Compressors, Noise Gates, Vocoders, and so on. All tracks, busses, or inputs can be used as a side chain input source.

RTAS Plug-ins

RTAS plug-ins cannot be used in Logic Pro. Only Audio Units, TDM, and Logic Studio plug-ins are supported.

If you currently own any RTAS plug-ins, you should install the Audio Units equivalents for use in Logic Pro. Most plug-ins are available in several formats.

If no Audio Units version is available on your RTAS plug-in installation CDs, visit the websites of the plug-in manufacturers.