Simultaneous Use of TDM and Other Hardware

Note the following if you wish to use a TDM system and other audio hardware simultaneously.

Controlling the Prelisten Device in a TDM System

Logic Pro’s Audio Bin, Browser, and Sample Editor windows allow you to choose the playback hardware unit. Control-click (or right-click) the Prelisten button, and choose a device from the shortcut menu:

  • If you choose Core Audio, an additional audio channel strip (named Prelisten) is created automatically in the Mixer (and Environment), and used for playback.

  • If you choose DAE, the highest-numbered audio channel strip (possible with your configuration) is used for playback. Note that this channel may be assigned to an Arrange window track when you use the Create Track functions.

Total Number of Audio Tracks in a TDM System

When operating different audio hardware devices simultaneously, the number of possible playback tracks cannot be determined by merely adding them together. This is especially true if the connected systems place a strain on the CPU.

The number of tracks may also be reduced if the connected systems access the same hard disk bus. This can be mitigated (resulting in an increase in the total track number) by using different hard drives for the various systems. For example, the audio data for a Direct TDM or Core Audio device, and a QuickTime movie are read from an internal hard disk, and audio data for a DAE device is read from an external FireWire hard disk.