Logic Pro allows you to use both your TDM system DSPs and the computer’s native CPU processing resources. The link between the DSP world of your TDM system and your computer’s native CPU processing resources is ESB TDM.

ESB TDM uses your computer CPU to process one audio engine (Direct TDM), and the DSP of the TDM hardware to process another (DAE). This is done by using two different mixers in Logic Pro. The TDM Mixer uses the DAE to process TDM plug-ins. The DTDM Mixer uses the computer CPU (Direct TDM) to process Logic Studio and Audio Units plug-ins.

Up to eight DTDM Mixer outputs can be configured as ESB TDM outputs, which can be routed in to the TDM Mixer. The DTDM Mixer outputs (ESB TDM outs) are received by the ESB TDM inputs—which are available as sources in the input slot pop-up menus of TDM Mixer aux channel strips.

This enables all Logic tracks, Logic Studio plug-ins, and Audio Units plug-ins—including software instruments—to be used in conjunction with your TDM system DSPs.