About the ESB TDM and EXS24 TDM Plug-ins

The ESB TDM and EXS24 TDM plug-ins enhance TDM system functionality by expanding the capabilities of the TDM Mixer. If working at 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates, up to 32 additional channels are available. These extra channels can be used for multiple EXS24 TDM sampler instances, and up to eight inputs routed from the DTDM Mixer—which uses the native audio engine (Direct TDM), running in parallel with the DAE.

The ESB TDM plug-in allows you to route up to eight audio channels of the DTDM Mixer in to the DSP-based TDM Mixer. This is similar to having a card equipped with a multi-channel digital output installed in the computer, and physically connected to a second multi-channel input module for your TDM system. ESB TDM routes digital signals via software within the computer, effectively replacing the audio card’s digital outputs and driver, the TDM audio interface, and the cables between them.

In situations where you want to use both the Logic Pro native audio system (Direct TDM) and your TDM system, see Using ESB TDM.

The EXS24 TDM plug-in allows up to 32 mono or 16 stereo EXS24 mkII sampler instances to be inserted in the top insert slots of aux channel strips in the TDM Mixer. Ensuing insert slots in the aux channel strip, and further TDM Mixer routing options, allow the sampler output signals to be processed with TDM effect plug-ins.

If you want to process the output signals of (up to 32) EXS24 TDM samplers with TDM effect plug-ins exclusively, see Using EXS24 TDM. When using the EXS24 TDM exclusively, there is no need to activate Direct TDM in addition to the DAE (unless you need to use the movie facilities of Logic Pro).

Note: EXS24 TDM is available as a mono or stereo plug-in, but not as a multi output plug-in.