Using EXS24 TDM

If no aux channel strips exist in your TDM Mixer, you can create them in your project.

To create TDM channel strips that are displayed in both the Mixer and the Arrange window
  1. Open the New Tracks dialog by doing one of the following.

    • Click the New Tracks button.

    • Choose Track > New in the Arrange window or use Option-Command-N.

  2. In the New Tracks dialog, make sure that the Auxiliary (for EXS24 TDM) button is active.

  3. Choose other settings (number of tracks, and so on) as needed.

  4. Click Create.

To insert the EXS24 TDM
  • Click the top Insert slot of an aux channel strip in the TDM Mixer, and choose EXS24 TDM from the pop-up menu.

    Figure. Illustrations of the Arrange Channel Strip showing an empty plug-in slot and the plug-in menu with an EXS24 selected.
To play the EXS24 TDM sampler inserted in the aux channel strip
  • Select the corresponding aux track in the Arrange window.

    When the track is selected, you will be able to play and record the sampler instance.

    Subsequent insert slots in the aux channel strip allow the insertion of TDM effect plug-ins, for processing of the sampler’s output signal. Further TDM Mixer processing options such as sends to effect busses and output routings behave as per usual.

    Note: The input routing parameter has no effect, as is the case when using TDM instruments such as Virus TDM.