Binaural Post-Processing

Each channel strip in Logic Pro allows you to use a special version of the Pan knob, known as the Binaural Panner. This is a psychoacoustic processor that can simulate arbitrary sound source positions—including up and down information—when fed a standard stereo signal.

The output signal that results from Binaural Panner use is best suited for headphone playback. You can, however, use the integrated conditioning of the Binaural Panner to ensure a neutral sound for speaker or headphone playback.

Note: When using multiple Binaural Panners on several channels, you should turn the integrated conditioning off and route the output of all binaurally panned signals to an aux channel. Insert a Binaural Post-Processing plug-in into this aux channel and apply diffuse-field compensation to all Binaural Panner outputs at once. This approach is simpler to manage, better sonically, and reduces computer processing requirements.

Figure. Binaural Post-Processing window.
  • CTC—Speaker Angle field and slider: This parameter is effective only when the Speaker CTC compensation mode is chosen. To achieve the best binaural effect, enter the angle that your stereo speakers are turned towards the center—the listening position.

    For full details on using the Binaural Panner with the Binaural Post-Processing plug-in, see the Logic Pro User Manual.