Using Effects Plug-ins with MainStage

You can use all of the Logic Studio effects plug-ins, except for surround plug-ins, in MainStage channel strips. For more information about the included effects plug-ins, refer to the Logic Studio Instruments and Logic Studio Effects manuals. You can also use Apple and third-party Audio Units effects in MainStage channel strips in the same way you use them in Logic Pro channel strips.

Some Logic Studio effects, including Space Designer, require intensive realtime processing of the audio signal. Using Space Designer on individual patches can affect the performance of your concert, and in some cases result in audio dropouts or glitches, particularly if you set the audio buffer to a smaller size. For this reason, it is recommended that you use Space Designer sparingly in your concerts, and use a few Space Designer instances on auxiliary channel strips shared between multiple patches, rather than in individual patches.

Some Audio Units plug-ins can introduce latency. Using effects that introduce latency, such as compressors and limiters, can produce undesirable or unpredictable results during live performance. Other Audio Units plug-ins, particularly instrument and amp modelling plug-ins, require high levels of realtime processing and can affect the performance of your concert.