Choosing a Concert Template

MainStage includes templates for different musical instruments, including Keyboards, Guitar Rigs, Drums, Vocals, and more. You can choose a concert template in the Choose Template dialog, which appears the first time you open MainStage and when you create a new concert or close a concert.

To choose a concert template
  1. Choose File > New Concert (or press Command-N).

    Figure. Choose Template dialog.
  2. In the Choose Template dialog, click the instrument category on the left you want to view templates for.

    A brief description below each template describes its features and intended use.

  3. Scroll through the available templates to find the one you want to use.

  4. Click Choose, or double-click the template.

A new concert created from the template opens in Edit mode. The workspace appears in the center of the MainStage window, showing the screen controls in the concert. To the left of the workspace is the Patch List, which shows the patches and sets in the concert. The channel strips for the selected patch appear in the Channel Strips area to the right of the workspace. The new concert may contain a single patch, or several patches. Below the workspace, the Patch Library is open, so you can easily audition different patch settings to find the one you want to use.

In the Choose Template dialog, you can view templates in either a grid or a Cover Flow view. You can choose a different view using the view buttons, located in the lower-left part of the dialog.

To choose a different view for the Choose Template dialog
  • To view templates in a grid, click the Grid button.

  • To view templates in Cover Flow, click the Cover Flow button.

For more information about opening, editing, and saving concerts, see Working with Concerts.