Adding a Patch

You can add patches to the concert and organize them in the Patch List. The number of patches is limited only by the amount of available memory in your system. When you add a patch to a concert, the patch is selected so you can easily audition and select a patch setting from the Patch Library.

To add a new patch
  1. Click the Add Patch button (+), located in the upper-right corner of the Patch List.

    The new patch appears in the Patch List, and the Patch Library is open in the Patch Inspector.

    Figure. The Patch Library with a patch setting selected
  2. Select the patch setting you want to use from the Patch Library.

    If you want to play the patch using your keyboard controller, select a Keyboard patch. If you want to play the patch using your electric guitar, select a Guitar Rig patch. For other instruments or vocals, you can choose a template from the appropriate category or modify a keyboard or guitar template to suit your needs.

  3. If the patch uses an audio channel strip, make sure the channel strip is set to use the correct audio input, then gradually raise the volume fader on the channel strip until you hear sound on the channel.