Opening and Closing Concerts

You can create a new concert from a template, open an existing concert to continue working, and close and save concerts. You can add patches to a concert and organize them in the Patch List. The number of patches is limited only by the amount of available memory. You can add channel strips to an existing patch or to new ones you create and can organize patches into sets. For information about patches and sets, see Working in Edit Mode.

The process of creating a new concert from a concert template is described in Choosing a Concert Template. You can open an existing concert to play the patches in the concert or continue editing them.

To open an existing concert
Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > Open Concert, select the concert you want to open, then click Open.

  • Choose File > New to open the Choose Template dialog, click “Open an Existing Concert,” then choose the concert from the Open dialog.

  • In the Finder, double-click the concert.

  • In the Finder, drag the concert over the MainStage icon in the Dock.

    You can also reopen a recently open concert by choosing File > Open Recent Concert and then choosing a concert from the submenu, or by opening the Choose Template dialog, clicking Recent Concert, then choosing the concert you want to open.

    By default, when you open a concert, it opens in Edit mode. You can change the default behavior in MainStage preferences. For more information, see Setting MainStage Preferences.

The first time you open a concert, the first patch is selected, and the Patch Library is open so you can easily choose a patch setting. When you reopen a concert, the patch that was selected when you last saved the concert is selected.

If any audio files or other assets are not found when you open a concert, a dialog appears showing which assets are missing, and asking if you want to search for the assets, locate them manually, or skip them.

Note: When you open a concert created with an earlier version of MainStage, it opens as an untitled concert, and MainStage prompts you to save the concert as a MainStage 2 concert.

To close a concert
  • Choose File > Close Concert.

    If you have edited the concert since the last time you saved it, you are prompted to save your changes.