How Saving Affects Parameter Values

While a concert is open, any “performance” changes you make to channel strip parameters (including volume, pan, and expression) or plug-in parameters are retained for as long as the concert is open. If you close the concert without saving, the parameter values revert to their previously saved state when you reopen the concert. If you save the concert before closing it, the changed values are saved.

If you decide not to keep your latest changes, you can revert a concert to its previously saved state.

To revert a concert to its last saved state
  • Choose File > Revert to Saved.

    All the changes you’ve made since the last time you saved the concert are lost when you revert the concert to its last saved state.

If you change parameter values in a patch, select another patch, and later select the first patch again, the parameter values will be as you left them when you selected the other patch. You can also choose the default behavior for saving changes to values of parameters to which screen controls are mapped. You can set the default to either have parameters keep their current value when changing patches (the default behavior in MainStage version 1.0), or to reset their values to the last saved value (similar to many hardware synthesizers).

To set the default behavior for saving parameter values
  1. Choose MainStage > Preferences.

  2. In the Parameter Values section of the General preferences pane, choose the default behavior from the “On patch changes” pop-up menu.

    1. To preserve changes to parameter values when you change patches, choose “Keep current value.”

    2. To return parameters to their last-saved value when you change patches, choose “Revert to saved value.”

You can also set the behavior for saving parameter values for screen controls in individual patches. For information, see Setting Parameter Change Behavior for Screen Controls.