Working in Layout Mode

You visually arrange your onscreen layout and make connections between your music hardware and MainStage in Layout mode.

You can’t change the position of physical faders, knobs, and other controls on your instruments and other music hardware, but you can arrange the screen controls in your MainStage concert in any order you like by editing the layout. You can modify an existing layout or create one from a template, and you can export a layout and import it into another concert.

Each concert template included with MainStage includes a built-in layout, optimized for a type of musical instrument you use with MainStage.

You modify the layout of a concert in Layout mode. You can add and arrange screen controls in the MainStage workspace to match your music hardware, optimize your display size, and make assignments between controls on your MIDI hardware and the screen controls in your concert. Below the workspace, the Screen Controls palette contains different types of screen controls you can add to your layout. The Screen Control Inspector appears to the left of the workspace, where you can learn controller assignments and edit layout parameters.