How MainStage Passes Through MIDI Messages

Some MIDI messages sent by your keyboard controller (or other MIDI device) are “passed through” to any channel strips in the MainStage concert that are mapped to the same controller (or device). Whether or not MIDI messages are passed through depends on the following conditions:

The reason for these exceptions is so that when you add a screen control for a modulation wheel or a sustain pedal, for example, it “automatically” responds to the appropriate MIDI message type, without your having to configure it further. If you want to have the screen control respond to a different type of MIDI message, you can choose another MIDI message type from the Number pop-up menu in the Screen Control Inspector.

Incoming MIDI messages that are passed through are passed to any channel strips mapped to the same device sending those messages (that is, to the keyboard controller you are using to “play” those channel strips). If there is no matching device, the MIDI messages are sent to all channel strips.

You can also filter incoming MIDI messages for individual channel strips. For information on filtering MIDI messages, see Filtering MIDI Messages.