Importing a Layout

You can import an exported layout into another concert, and then adjust it to work with the mappings in the concert.

To import a layout into a concert
  1. Choose File > Import Layout (or press Command-Control-O).

  2. In the Open dialog, select the layout you want to import.

  3. Click Open.

    The layout for the concert changes to the imported layout.

When you import a layout into a concert, MainStage analyzes the layout and attempts to convert the assignments and mappings in the layout to work with the concert. It uses the following rules to convert imported assignments and mappings:

Because of the wide variety of possible layouts, not all assignments and mappings may be converted as you intended, depending on the differences between the layouts. After you import a layout into a concert, be sure to try the screen controls in the concert to see if they work as expected. After importing the layout, you may need to manually reassign some controls and then manually remap screen controls in your patches for the concert to work with the new layout. If the imported layout has fewer screen controls than the old layout, or has different types of screen controls, you will likely have to add new screen controls after importing and then assign physical controls to the screen controls to maintain the same level of functionality.