Playing Back Audio in MainStage

You can play back audio files in time with your live performance. Playing back audio files can have a variety of uses, including playing backing tracks to accompany your performance, playing song stems that you can mix live, and using a “backing band” while you practice your performance.

You play back audio files using the Playback plug-in, which is available in the Instrument menu. Using the Playback plug-in, you can start and stop playback of an audio file, cycle (loop) playback, and fade out the audio. Using markers, you can shift playback to different parts of the audio file. You can have files play at their original speed or synchronize playback to the current tempo of the concert. You can also play back several audio files together using multiple instances of the Playback plug-in and control them using groups.

The Playback plug-in is available only in MainStage. This chapter provides information on how you can use the Playback plug-in in a MainStage concert. For detailed information about the interface, parameters, and functions of the Playback plug-in and supported audio file formats, see The Playback Plug-in.

This chapter covers the following: