Audio Preferences

These preferences let you set the audio output and input drivers, set the size of the I/O buffer, set the audio sample rate, and choose which note is displayed as middle C.

  • Setup buttons: Click the Audio Output Setup button to open the Audio/MIDI Setup window and configure audio output. Click the Audio Input Setup button to open the Audio/MIDI Setup window and configure audio input.
  • I/O Safety Buffer checkbox: When selected, MainStage uses an additional buffer to process audio output streams, providing a safeguard against crackling noises that may occur when using very low I/O Buffer Size settings. If turning on this preference doesn’t improve things on your system, disable the checkbox and select a larger I/O buffer size setting.

    Note: Use of the I/O Safety Buffer preference increases the output latency and therefore the round trip (input plus output) latency.

    The latency for the current buffer size is displayed below the I/O Safety Buffer checkbox.

  • Apply Changes button: Click to apply changes to the input, output, sample rate, and buffer size settings. If you do not click the Apply Changes button, changes are applied when you close the Preferences window.
  • Silence Previous Patch: Choose the amount of time sustained notes and effects tails continue to sound before falling to silence when you select a new patch.
  • Display audio engine overload message: When selected, an alert appears when the audio engine overloads.
  • Recordings Folder field and Set button: Click the Set button, then browse to choose the location where recordings are saved. The file path of the chosen location appears in the field.