Animating in the Timeline

When keyframing, it is often very helpful to view your keyframes over time. This lets you line up keyframes with other important timing elements in your project such as edit points, sound cues, markers, and even other keyframes. These functions are available in the Timeline.

Figure. Timeline tab showing keyframes.

In order to view your keyframes in the Timeline, you must first turn on the Show Keyframes option.

To show keyframes in the Timeline
  • Click the Show/Hide Keyframes button.

    Figure. Timeline tab showing Show/Hide Keyframes button.

You can identify a keyframe’s value in the shortcut menu. Multiple keyframes on the same frame are all listed in the menu.

Figure. Timeline tab showing keyframe shortcut menu.
To display a keyframe’s value
  • Control-click the keyframe in the Timeline.

    A shortcut menu appears. The first items in the list are the keyframe values for any keyframes on that frame.

    Note: There is no way to add keyframes in the Timeline.