Creating and Editing Text

In motion graphics, typography communicates much more than just basic information—titles, dates, and tag lines. Visual and kinetic type on the screen can also provoke an immediate and often powerful emotional response. A title sequence can set the mood for the film it introduces. A specific combination of text and animation can instantly identify a broadcast network. And a clever television interstitial can forestall a bored viewer from flipping channels during a commercial break. Type design is an art form. Just look at the opening title sequence by Friz Freleng for Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther. Freleng’s animated titles—featuring a design and graphics style that holds up even today, more than 40 years later—not only set the comic tone for a film franchise, but launched the (virtual) career of an animated icon (with a little help from Henry Mancini’s suave theme music).

Although trends in type design change, the balanced use of type and graphics remains the key to achieving the right effect in commercials, documentaries, television and film titles, broadcast logos, corporate presentations, or your own personal video projects. No matter what style your project requires, Motion provides unique text animation tools that offer immediate results.

Figure. Example text effects.