About Text in Motion

Motion lets you add text to your project directly in the Canvas—select the Text tool, click in the Canvas, then start typing. Once text is created, you can edit it in the Canvas or in the Text editor in the Inspector. Text can be modified as a whole object, or as separate glyphs (characters). This allows for endless combinations of text effects.

Text can be animated using behaviors or keyframes. For more information on animating text, see Animating Text.

After you create the desired text treatment—a text style with the perfect gradient colors and glow or a customized text behavior—you can save the behavior or style in the Library for use on other text or in a future project.

You can apply filters to text, as well as change and animate text properties such as position, blend modes, and drop shadows.

The stacking order of text can be easily changed in the Layers tab or Timeline. Text can also be moved to or duplicated/copied into another layer.

The Motion Library includes LiveFonts (if you installed them) that can be applied to text. LiveFonts are animated fonts that can add a little zing to your project.

Using Text as Particle and Replicator Source Objects

Text layers can be used as source cells for particle emitters and replicators to quickly create stunning graphics. If you later modify the source text, Motion automatically updates the replicator and particle system. If the text used as a cell source has applied behaviors or filters, the effect is carried over into the replicator or particle system.