Setting Motion Preferences for Text

Before you start any project, you should set up Motion Preferences according to your project requirements. You can set the layer duration preferences so that an object (text layer) is created at the current frame (the frame where the playhead is positioned at the time you add the text). Alternatively, you can specify that the object is created at the start of the project. By default, layers are created at the current frame. You can also specify a default duration for any created layer.

Note: Layer duration preferences apply to all layers created within Motion, including text, shapes, masks, particle emitters, and replicators.

To set the layer duration preferences
  1. Choose Motion > Preferences (or press Command-Comma).

  2. Click the Project icon.

    The Project Preferences pane is displayed.

  3. In the Still Images & Layers section, set the Default Layer Duration preference:

    • To create text that is the length of the project, select “Use project duration” (the default setting). This means that if you are working in a 300-frame project and you create text, the duration of the text is 300 frames.

      Note: If you have Create Layers At set to “Current frame,” and you create text at frame 50, the text exists from frame 50 to frame 300.

    • To create text that is a specific duration, select “Use custom duration.” Next, enter a value in the text field, then choose Frames or Seconds from the pop-up menu.

      All layers you created are set to the entered duration by default.

  4. Set the Create Layers At preference:

    • To create text at the current location of the playhead, select “Current frame.”

    • To create text at the start of the project, select “Start of project.” This means that all text is created at the beginning of the project by default, regardless of the playhead location.

      Figure. Project Preferences pane showing Create Layers At options.