Using the Text Tools

As previously mentioned, text becomes a text layer when created. There are two ways to edit a text layer:

The following interface tools are used to edit text in Motion:

This section discusses using the Text tool (in the Toolbar) and the Text editor (in the Format pane of the Text Inspector) to create and modify text.

Note: When text is selected with the default selection tool, you can use the standard onscreen controls to move and animate the text in the Canvas.

Text Tool and the Toolbar

The Text tool is located in the Toolbar above the Canvas in the Create tool set.

Note: To customize the Toolbar layout, Control-click in the Toolbar area, then choose Customize Toolbar from the shortcut menu. For more information on the tools and the Toolbar, see Toolbar.

  • Text tool: Use this tool to create text. Click the Text tool, then click or drag in the Canvas to create a blank text layer.
    Figure. Text tool in the Toolbar.
    • If you click in the Canvas, you activate the default layout method (Type), which requires that you insert manual line breaks (by pressing Return) to make text wrap to a new line.

    • If you drag in the Canvas, you activate the Paragraph layout method, which automatically wraps text into a column.

  • Select/Transform tool: Use this tool to select and transform text. Once text is created, click the Select/Transform tool (or press Esc) to select the text. To select existing text, click the Select/Transform tool, then click the text.

    Note: When the Select/Transform tool is selected, you can double-click the text to automatically enter text-editing mode. When Motion is in text-editing mode, the Text tool is highlighted in the Toolbar.

  • Adjust Glyph tool: Use this tool to select and transform glyphs (individual characters of text objects). Once text is created, click the Select/Transform tool, hold the mouse button down, and select the Adjust Glyph tool from the pop-up menu.
    Figure. Toolbar showing Adjust Glyph tool.

    For more information on editing text glyphs, see Working with Text Glyphs.