Type On Behavior

The Type On behavior quickly creates a “type-on” effect.

To use the Type On behavior
  • Apply the Type On behavior (from the Text Animation subcategory) to the text layer.

By default, the text “pops” on. To create a softer fade-in effect, enable Fade In in the Type On HUD or Inspector.

Figure. Canvas window showing animated text and HUD showing Fade In checkbox.

Because the Type On behavior is applied to the duration of the text layer to which it is applied, it takes the duration of the layer to complete the type-on effect. You can modify the timing of the effect by resizing the mini-Timeline or Timeline bar.

Figure. Canvas window showing animated text.

Use the following guidelines to modify the default Type On behavior. The Type On controls include only a single parameter: Fade In. The identical Type On behavior parameters appear in the HUD and the Inspector.

As mentioned above, the type-on effect occurs over the duration of the text layer to which it is applied. In other words, if your text layer is 300 frames long and you apply the Type On behavior, the last text character is fully typed on at frame 300. You can shorten the duration of the behavior so the type-on effect is completed sooner.

To increase the speed of the type on effect
  1. Select the Type On behavior.

    The Type On behavior is selected in the mini-Timeline and Timeline.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • In the mini-Timeline, click the right end of the Type On bar and drag toward the left to the frame where you want the animation to end. As you drag, the new Out point, the duration of the behavior, and the delta (amount of change) are displayed.

    • Go to the frame where you want to set the new Out point, then choose Mark > Mark Out (or press O).

      By the time the playhead reaches the end of the new behavior duration bar, the type on effect is complete.

    Note: You can also slow the type-on effect by extending the behavior beyond the duration of the text layer.

Type On Controls

The Type On behavior contains only the Fade In parameter.

  • Fade In: When selected, each text character fades in rather than appearing with the default “pop” effect.

    Note: You can also create this type of animation using Type On parameter group in the Layout pane of the Text Inspector. For more information, see Creating a Type-On Effect.