Adding a Generator

This section provides a quick introduction to adding a generator to a project. For a description of each generator, see Generator Parameters.

To add a generator to a project
  1. In the Library, click the Generators category.

  2. In the stack, click a generator.

    The generator preview appears in the Preview area. If the generator is animated, such as Swirly, the generator plays in the Preview area. You can click the Play/Pause button to stop playback of the generator preview.

    Figure. Library Preview area showing generator preview and Play/Pause button.
  3. Drag the generator to your project.

    As with all other objects, you can add the generator to your project by dragging it to the Canvas, the Layers tab, or the Timeline.

    The generator and its HUD appear in your project. (If the HUD in not visible, press F7.) The HUD contains a subset of the complete controls that appear in the Generator tab of the Inspector.

    Note: Generators that are added to a project are not added to the Media tab. The Media tab only includes media files that are imported into Motion, such as image sequences, Photoshop files, and audio files.

  4. Click Play (or press the Space bar).