Reordering Filters

When multiple filters are applied to a single object, they appear beneath that object in the Timeline or Project pane. You can change the order in which they are applied to the object, to change how they interact.

Some filters yield better results depending on the order in which they are applied. For instance, you wouldn’t want to apply a color correction after a blur. To get the most accurate color correction, you want to apply the color correction filter to the source object, not a modified version of the source. The same is true for extracting keys, and just about process that depends on color information.

To reorder a filter
  1. Select the filter you want to reorder.

  2. Click the name of the filter or the icon to the left of the name, then drag it up or down in the Layers tab.

    A position indicator shows the new position for the filter when you release the mouse button.

  3. Release the mouse button when the position indicator is in the new location.

    Figure. Layers tab showing filters being reordered.