Animating Shapes

You can animate shapes using both behaviors and keyframes. In addition to using Basic Motion, Simulation, and Parameter behaviors, shapes have their own special category of Shape behaviors. Shape behaviors allow you to oscillate, randomize, or wriggle the individual control points of shapes, to write on a shape outline over time, or to apply tracking data to the control points of a shape.

You can also modify a paint stroke created with the Paint Stroke tool (in the Toolbar) based on how it was drawn with the stylus. For example, you can apply the Apply Pen Pressure behavior to a paint stroke in your project and map the pressure used in drawing the stroke to opacity. The resulting stroke appears more opaque in the segments where you pressed hardest when drawing that stroke.

Basic Motion and Simulation behaviors animate multiple parameters of a shape, such as Position, Rotation, and Scale. Applying behaviors to shapes works the same as with any layer in Motion, and keyframed animation of any of these parameters is stored in the Keyframe Editor.

For more information on using Basic Motion, Parameter, and Simulation behaviors, see Using Behaviors.