Using Soundtrack Pro with Motion

Once an audio file is imported into Motion, Soundtrack Pro can be opened from within Motion and used to modify the audio track. After the audio track has been edited and saved in Soundtrack Pro, the track is automatically updated in Motion.

For more information on Soundtrack Pro, see the Soundtrack Pro User Manual, available in Soundtrack Pro Help.

To edit an audio track in Soundtrack Pro from within Motion
  1. In the Audio tab or Timeline layers list, select the audio track you want to modify.

  2. Do one of the following: Choose Edit > Send Audio to Soundtrack Pro.

    • Choose Edit > Send Audio to Soundtrack Pro (Command-U).

    • Control-click the audio track and choose Send to Soundtrack Pro from the shortcut menu.

    A Save As dialog appears.

    Figure. Send to Soundtrack Pro Save As dialog.

    Note: If Soundtrack Pro is not installed on your system, Send Audio to Soundtrack Pro is not available in the menu.

  3. If needed, type a name for the modified audio track and select a location in which to save the file.

    Note: Because this process creates a modified copy of the original audio file, the source audio is not changed.

  4. Click Save as Soundtrack Pro Audio.

    A project that contains the audio track is opened in Soundtrack Pro.

  5. In Soundtrack Pro, make your changes to the audio file and save the project (press Command-S).

    When Motion is displayed, the track and its saved name are automatically updated in the Motion Audio tab. The original file, as well as the new Soundtrack Pro file, appear in the Motion Media tab. A Soundtrack Pro file appears in the Media tab with a .stap extension.

    Note: Do not choose File > Save As (from within Soundtrack Pro) and save a file with a new name. If you save a new file, the live link between the audio track and Motion is lost.

    Important: If you send a single track that is part of a multitrack or multichannel file imported as separate tracks, all the tracks are replaced when coming back from Soundtrack Pro.