Outputting Motion Projects

When you are ready to output your project (either the finished version or a draft), you have two basic choices: Share or Export. These options generate a new file (or files) that contain all the components used in your project.

To make outputting easy, Motion provides a variety of presets. There are presets for both broadcast-quality and highly compressed QuickTime movies, image sequences, audio only, and still images. You can customize the existing export presets or create new ones to suit your specific needs.

Share provides a number of presets for use with popular distribution methods such as iTunes, AppleTV, MobileMe, iPod/iPhone, DVD, Blu- ray, and even YouTube. The file format of the files created varies depending on the preset you choose.

Exporting also provides presets so you can quickly generate a variety of output types. You can also fully customize the settings to create exactly the type of files you need.