Exporting an Audio File

You can export an audio-only QuickTime movie. When you export audio only, the exported movie includes all audio tracks in your project that are turned on and not muted.

To export an audio file
  1. Choose File > Export.

  2. In the Export dialog, type a name for the exported file, then browse to the location where you want to save the file.

  3. Choose QuickTime Movie from the Export pop-up menu.

  4. Choose an export preset from the Use pop-up menu, or click the Options button to view and select export options.

  5. Choose Audio Only from the Include pop-up menu to export audio only, or choose Video and Audio to export a movie with both video and audio.

  6. If you want to export only the marked play range instead of the entire project, select the “Use play range” checkbox.

  7. Click Export.

    Your exported file is saved to the specified location.

After you export audio as a QuickTime movie, you can convert the QuickTime movie file to another format using QuickTime Pro, Compressor, or another audio application.

There are no audio-only export presets. However, you can use any QuickTime movie export preset and edit the audio export options. For more information on working with audio files, see Working with Audio.