Exporting Portions of a Project

You aren’t required to export your entire project. You can limit what is exported in several ways. You can select specific items in your project to be exported, and you can also restrict the export to a specific range of time.

Exporting a Selection

The Export Selection option allows you to export only certain elements such as a group or an individual layer.

Note: When reflections are enabled, exporting an object actively reflecting another object will export without the reflection unless the reflected object is also included in the export.

To export a selection
  1. Select at least one object in your project in the Project pane or Timeline.

  2. Choose File > Export Selection.

  3. Follow the same steps as for regular exporting.

    For information about exporting, see Exporting from Motion.

Options in the Export Selection Dialog

The Export Selection dialog contains options for file naming, choosing a file type, choosing which elements to include in the export, and designating options for events that take place when the export operation is completed. The Export Selection dialog contains the following items:

  • Save As: Type the name of the file you wish to export.
  • Where: Choose a location to save the exported file.

Baking Elements

After you adjust project elements to your taste, you might want to reuse them in another project. You can export elements as rendered files to minimize their effect on playback performance in another complex project. This is a process known as baking.

To bake selected elements for export
  1. Select the layers in your project that you wish to bake.

  2. Choose File > Export Selection.

  3. Choose the options you prefer in the Export Selection dialog, then click Export.

    Figure. Export Selection dialog.

    Note: If multiple layers are selected for export, the upper section of the dialog does not include a Save As field.

Exporting a Play Range

If you have defined a play range for your project, you can chose to limit the export to that play range.

To export a play range
  1. Mark an In and Out point in the project around the area you want to export.

  2. Choose File > Export or File > Share, then enable the “Use play range” checkbox.

For more information about setting a play range, see Defining the Play Range.