Toolbar Controls

Motion’s Toolbar is located at the top of the main window. There are tools that transform objects and the project view, as well as tools that create new layers, such as text, shapes, and masks. There are also icons to apply filters and behaviors, and to create particle systems and replicators. Icons at the right of the Toolbar show and hide the various windows and panes of the Motion interface.

Figure. Motion Toolbar.

Several tools have multiple modes or options, such as Shape tools that can be set to rectangle, circle, or line mode. The Circle and Line tools are hidden until you click the Shape tool and hold down the mouse button. Tools with additional states are indicated with a tiny downward arrow in the lower-right corner of the tool.

To access a tool’s additional modes or options
  • Click a tool with a small downward arrow in the lower-right corner of the tool and, holding down the mouse button, choose a mode or option.

For a description and use of each tool, see Toolbar.