Mini-Curve Editor

A mini-curve editor is a scaled-down version of the Keyframe Editor. Appearing in the Inspector, mini-curve editors give you the functionality to create basic animations directly in the Inspector, without having to open the Keyframe Editor.

Two Particle behaviors—Scale Over Life and Spin Over Life—have mini-curve editors in the Inspector (when the Increment Type parameter is set to Custom). Mini-curve editors are also present for paint objects, in the Stroke pane of the Shape Inspector.

By default, the mini-curve editor is collapsed and shows a scaled-down representation of the actual animation curve.

Figure. Inspector showing collapsed mini-curve editor.
To expand a mini-curve editor
  • Click the disclosure triangle next to the collapsed mini-curve editor.

    The expanded mini-curve editor appears.

    Figure. Expanded mini-curve editor in the Inspector.

    When expanded, the mini-curve editor shows a representation of the relevant animation curve. In the example above, the Range parameter is mapped to the X axis and the Spin Amount parameter is mapped to the Y axis.

The procedure for adding keyframes in a mini-curve editor is slightly different than for adding them in the full-sized Keyframe Editor.

To add keyframes in the mini-curve editor
Do one of the following:
  • Click the curve in the mini-curve editor.

  • Double-click the curve in the mini-curve editor to add a keyframe and activate its value field.

  • Option-click the curve, then choose Add Keyframe from the shortcut menu.

The mini-curve editor provides the Edit, Sketch, and Box tools, and each functions in the same manner as it does in the Keyframe Editor. For more information on using the Edit tool, see Using the Edit Tool. For more information on using the Sketch tool, see Using the Sketch Tool. For more information on using the Box tool, see Using the Box Tool.

The Auto Fit checkbox sets whether Motion automatically scales the animation curve to fit within the confines of the mini-curve editor.

Figure. Inspector showing expanded mini-curve editor with Auto Fit turned on.