Motion uses a variety of different types of menus and menu-like controls. These include pop-up menus, value lists, parameter selection menus, and tracking selection menus.

Menus cannot be keyframed.

Pop-Up Menu

Parameters that have a pre-defined set of options are controlled with pop-up menus. In some cases the choices available in the pop-up menu might change depending on the settings of other related parameters.

Figure. Pop-up menu in Inspector.
To change the value of a pop-up menu
  • Click the menu and choose an item from the list.

    The menu displays the name of the selected option.

Value List

Another type of pop-up menu. You can click the disclosure button to the right of the field to display preset values, or you can type a value directly into the value field.

Figure. Value list in Inspector.

An example of a value list is Typeface.

Parameter Selection Menu

A special type of pop-up menu, specifically for Parameter behaviors. When a Parameter behavior is applied to an object, you need to identify which parameter the behavior should affect. You can either type the name of the parameter directly into the value field, or you can choose from the Go pop-up menu, which lists all current parameters.

Figure. Parameter selection menu in Inspector.

An example of a parameter selection menu is the “Average behavior” Apply To parameter.

Tracking Selection Menu

Similar to the parameter selection menu, this control allows you to select existing tracking data stored in another Motion Tracking behavior in the project and apply that data to the currently selected tracking behavior.

Figure. Tracking selection menu in Inspector.

An example of the Tracking selection menu is the Source pop-up menu in the Match Move behavior.