Source Well

Many parameters in Motion require the input of another object, such as the texture for a Bump Map filter, or the object in an Orbit Around behavior.

This new object’s alpha channel or motion path is used as a source to affect the target object. Such parameters display a source well (sometimes called an Image well), an empty box to which you can drag a source object.

Figure. Source well in Inspector.
To use a source well
  • Drag an object from the File Browser, Library, Layers tab, or Media tab into the empty box.

    Once accepted, the name and a thumbnail of the source object appears in the well and is used as a source for the effect.

To replace the contents of a source well
  • Drag a new object directly onto the well.

    The old source is replaced with the new one.

To clear a source well
  • Drag the icon in the well out.

    A “poof” animation occurs and the well is emptied.

Important: Once an object has been added to the well, modifying the original source object has no effect on the instance of the object used in the well.