Output Pane

The Output Preferences pane tells Motion to render the contents of the Canvas out to a video deck or monitor connected to your computer via FireWire or another port. This pane has one category of settings: External Video.

Figure. Motion Preferences window showing Output pane.
To view Motion video output on a computer display connected to your computer
  1. Choose Motion > Preferences.

  2. In the Output pane, choose one of the display options from the Video Output pop-up menu.

Video Output in Motion

If you’re creating work that is intended to be viewed on a TV monitor (such as broadcast design or DVD menus), it’s imperative that you see your design on such a monitor before finalizing your Motion project. While you can do a great deal of layout and color adjustments on your computer screen, you might be surprised how different things may look when they appear on a TV screen.

First, whether you’re working in NTSC (the American and Japanese TV standard) or PAL/SECAM (the European TV standard), colors are going to look quite different from the way they look on your computer monitor. (NTSC has been affectionately referred to as “Never Twice the Same Color.”)

Furthermore, TV signals are interlaced, meaning that the vertical resolution is cut in half and displayed at twice the rate. This can mean that thin horizontal lines in your design (such as font serifs) may buzz or flicker when played back on a TV screen.

Fortunately, Motion allows you to view the contents of your Canvas directly on a TV monitor that is connected to your computer. You can connect a monitor to your computer using a FireWire device such as a DV camcorder or deck, or by using a third party video capture card. For accurate results, you should use a professional-grade monitor with calibration controls.

External Video

These settings in the Output Preferences pane control how Motion plays your project directly to a video deck or monitor connected to your computer.

  • Options: When the Video Output pop-up menu is set to one of the Digital Cinema Desktop Preview settings, the Options button becomes active. For monitors connected via FireWire, there is no need to adjust the options. For monitors connected via third-party hardware, the options may have applicable settings.
  • Update during playback: Plays the project out to the external video monitor while the project plays back in the Canvas. This option severely degrades performance.
  • Update dynamically on parameter change: Sends a new video frame out to the external video as you adjust parameters (instead of only after releasing the mouse button). This option may severely degrade performance.