Sequence Text Controls

Use the Sequence controls to repeat the animation over the duration of the text, to randomize the order in which the effect is applied to the text characters, to change the direction of the animation, to “soften” the effect between characters, and so on.

  • Location: If Custom is selected in the Traversal menu, this parameter is available. Defines the location of the text where the animation is in effect.
  • Loops: Use the slider or value slider to set the number of times the animation sequences through the text layer over its duration.

    Note: Loops is not available when the Traversal parameter is set to Custom.

  • Random: Select this checkbox to randomize the selection of the text sequence. For example, a text sequence (using the Scale parameter) set to Ramp scales the text characters from one end of the text to the other. When Random is selected, the characters are scaled in a random order.
    Figure. Canvas window showing randomized text scaling.

    If the Behavior parameter is set to Custom and there is a keyframed animation using the Location parameter, Random respects the keyframe values and randomizes the effect within the values set by the keyframes.

    Note: When selected, Random overrides the Direction parameter.

  • Random Seed: When you first enable Random, an initial random “seed” is created. If you are not happy with the randomness of the character selection when you first select the Random checkbox, click Generate or enter a value in the field. This creates a new random seed which changes the way the characters are selected. The random variation in the text selection is based on the random seed number displayed in the Generate field.

    Note: Generate has no effect unless the Random checkbox is selected.

  • Spread: Controls the amount of falloff of the selection. To create a softer transition between each character, increase the Spread value.
    Figure. Canvas window showing the effect of Spread control.