Using the Sequence Text Custom Behavior Option (Motion 3.0.2 and Earlier)

When Traversal is set to Custom, you can create location keyframes to specify where the effect of the sequence is at any given time.

To use the Custom Traversal parameter
  1. Once the Sequence Text behavior is applied to the text, add the format or style parameters that you want to include in the sequence.

    Figure. Canvas window showing static text.
  2. Set the values for the added parameters.

    In this example, the Scale parameter is added and the Y scale value set to 25%. For more information on adding parameters to the Sequence Text behavior, see the steps in Using the Sequence Text Behavior (Motion 3.0.2 and Earlier).

  3. Choose Custom from the Traversal pop-up menu.

    In the Canvas, the first few characters are selected by default, and are affected by the Scale value.

    Figure. Canvas window showing animated text.

    In the Behaviors Inspector, the Location parameter becomes available.

    Figure. Insector window showing the Location parameter that appears when the Traversal control is set to Custom.
  4. Enable Record (press A).

  5. At the frame where you want to begin the animation, drag the Location slider (or use the value slider) to set where the sequence begins.

    As you drag the slider, the selection bars move through the text characters. Values less than 0% select toward the left of the text (regardless of where the anchor point is); values greater than 100% select from the beginning of the text toward the right.

    In the Inspector, a keyframe is added to the Location parameter.

    Figure. Inspector showing the Location control's Animation menu displaying a keyframe icon, indicating that the parameter is animated.
  6. Go to the next frame where you want to set a keyframe, and move the Location slider.

  7. Repeat step 6 until you have created all of your keyframes.

  8. Play the project (press the Space bar).

    The selection moves through the text based on its keyframed locations.

    Figure. Canvas window showing animated text.