Wacom Settings

In the Wacom Tablet application, you can create customized tool settings for individual applications. For example, you can disable the pen buttons for use in Motion, but have button 1 set as “Double-Click” for another application.

To customize the pen buttons for a specific application
  1. In your Applications folder, open the Wacom Tablet application.

  2. In the Wacom Tablet dialog, click Add Application To List and do one of the following:

    • If Motion is currently open, select it from the “Currently running applications” list.

    • If Motion is not currently open, click the Browse button, navigate to and select Motion, then click Choose.

      Motion appears in the Selected Application field.

  3. Select all applicable tablets, then click OK.

  4. In the Add Tool To Application dialog, click OK.

    Motion appears in the “Applications with customized tool settings” window.

  5. Click the Motion icon, then set your pen tool options in the Tool Buttons tab.

  6. To set customized tool settings for another application, follow steps 2–5 for that application.