Test Oscillator

Test Oscillator generates a static frequency or a sine sweep. The latter is a user-defined frequency spectrum tone sweep. The Test Oscillator is useful for tuning studio equipment and instruments.

Figure. Test Oscillator window.
  • Waveform buttons: Select the type of waveform to be used for test tone generation.
    • The Square Wave and Needle Pulse waveforms are available as either aliased or anti-aliased versions—the latter when used in conjunction with the Anti Aliased button.

    • Needle Pulse is a single needle impulse waveform.

    • If the Sine Sweep button is active, the fixed oscillator settings in the Waveform section are disabled.

  • Frequency knob and field: Determines the frequency of the oscillator (default is 1 kHz).
  • Sine Sweep button: Generates a sine wave sweep (of the frequency spectrum you set with the Start Freq and End Freq fields).
  • Time field: Sets the duration of the sine wave sweep.
  • Start Freq and End Freq fields: Drag vertically to define the oscillator frequency at the beginning and end of the sine sweep.
  • Trigger button and pop-up menu: Click the Trigger button to trigger the sine sweep. Choose the behavior of the Trigger button from the pop-up menu:
    • Single: Triggers the sweep once.
    • Continuous: Triggers the sweep indefinitely.
  • Level slider and field: Determines the overall output level of the Test Oscillator.