Working with Effect Presets

Many effects come with several combined parameter settings called presets. Presets are a handy way to get up and running with Soundtrack Pro effects without having to learn a lot of details about their various parameters. For example, the MatrixReverb effect (in the Mac OS category) has presets for various sizes of room, hall, and chamber settings, as well as Plate reverb and Cathedral settings. If an effect has presets, the presets appear in a Factory Presets pop-up menu in the list of effect parameters.

You can show an effect’s presets, add and delete presets, apply a preset, adjust preset parameters, and create your own presets.

To show effect presets from the advanced settings window
  • Click the Show Presets button in the advanced settings window.

The Presets drawer appears at the bottom of the advanced settings window.

Figure. Presets drawer.
To add a preset
  1. Click the Add Preset (+) button.

    A blank, untitled preset appears in the User Preset list.

  2. Click the name “Untitled” and type a name for the preset.

To apply an effect preset
  1. Select the preset you want to apply from either the Factory Preset or User Preset list in the Presets drawer.

  2. Click the Apply Preset button.

To adjust effect preset parameters
  • Adjust the controls in the advanced settings window for the preset.

To delete a preset
  1. Select the preset in the Presets drawer.

  2. Click the Delete Preset (–) button.

To hide the Presets drawer
  • Click the Hide Presets button in the advanced settings window.

To apply a preset to an effect from the Effects tab
  • In the Effect Parameters area, choose the preset from the Presets pop-up menu.