Example: A Multitake Editing Workflow

The following example demonstrates how you might create a comp from multiple takes of an ADR session using the Multitake Editor. In this case, there are four takes of the same line: “Would you like to try a sample of our organic Peruvian blend?”

To edit multiple takes of a line of dialogue using the Multitake Editor
  1. Select the multitake clip in the Timeline.

  2. Control-click the ruler at the top of the multitrack Timeline, then choose Cycle Region from the shortcut menu and Create Cycle Region from Selection from the submenu (or press Shift-A).

  3. Click the Multitake Editor tab to open it.

    The comp track and, in this example, four take tracks, appear in the Multitake Editor.

  4. Click the Solo button on the Take 1 track and click the Play button to listen to the first take.

    Take 1 plays.

  5. Repeat this playback for each take to familiarize yourself with how they sound.

  6. Optionally, you can choose to add a take from the original sync-sound production audio to use a guide track. (See Slipping Take Regions for more information.)

  7. When you are ready to make the first cut, click the Blade tool in the upper-left corner of the Multitake Editor (or press B).

    In this example, Take 3 contains the best version of the first couple of words.

  8. Using the Blade tool, click just after the waveform for the second word in the Take 2 track.

    A transition point appears in the Multitake Editor Timeline at the point where you clicked.

    Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing the creation of a transition point.
  9. Click the Selection tool in the upper-left corner of the Multitake Editor.

  10. In the Take 3 track, click the waveform to select it.

    The take you clicked becomes the active take for the region.

    Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing Take 3 track active at the transition point.
  11. Repeat steps 6 to 9, selecting the best takes for each of the other phrases or words in the line of dialogue.

  12. Slip (offset) individual take regions, as needed, to synchronize them with the picture. (For more information, see Example: A Multitake Editing Workflow.)

  13. Do one of the following to adjust any of the transition points:

    • To adjust the timing of the cut: Drag a transition point left or right.
    • To create a crossfade between two takes: Drag the left or right arrow handle at the top of a transition point.
      Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing transitions between active takes.

    Note: You can also adjust the fade type by double-clicking either part of the crossfade. For more information on fade types, see Creating Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs in the Timeline.

  14. When you are satisfied with the edit, use the multitake clip in the main multitrack Timeline as you would use any other clip.

If you need to make additional edits or adjustments to the multitake clip, repeat steps 1 to 3.