Creating Multitake Clips

You can create a multitake clip by either recording one or converting a standard clip to a multitake clip.

Recording Multitake Clips

For information about recording multitake clips, see Recording Multiple Takes.

Converting Standard Clips to Multitake Clips

You can convert any clip to a multitake clip.

To convert a standard clip to a multitake clip
  1. Select a clip in the Timeline.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Control-click the clip, then choose Convert to Multitake Clip from the shortcut menu.

    • Select the Multitake tab and click the Make Multitake Clip button that appears in the center of the Multitake tab.

    The new multitake clip appears in the Multitake Editor.

  3. Add any additional takes, as needed.

    For information on adding takes, see Adding and Deleting Takes.