Editing in the Multitake Editor

Fundamentally, there are three steps in making any multitake edit: splitting, selecting, and adjusting.

Stage 1: Splitting the Takes into Regions Using the Blade Tool

When you use the Multitake Editor, a take must be divided into regions.

To split a take using the Blade tool
  1. Select the Blade tool by clicking the Blade tool in the upper-left corner of the Multitake Editor (or by pressing B).

  2. Click one of the take tracks using the Blade tool pointer.

    Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing Blade tool.

A transition point appears in the Multitake Timeline at the point where you clicked.

Stage 2: Selecting the Active Take for Each Region

You can select active regions in the Multitake Editor with the Selection tool.

To select an active take for a region
  1. Select the Selection tool by clicking the Selection tool in the upper-left corner of the Multitake Editor (or by pressing A).

  2. In the region, click the take track you want to select.

    Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing an active take.

The take you clicked becomes the active take for that region.

Stage 3: Adjusting the Timing and Creating Crossfades

In this stage, you’ll use transition points to adjust the timing and to create crossfades between the selected portions of takes. Slip (offset) take regions to synchronize them with the picture.

To adjust a transition point
Do one of the following:
  • Drag the vertical transition point line left or right to adjust the timing of the cut.

  • Drag the left or right arrow handle at the top of a transition point to create a crossfade between two takes, then double-click the fades to use the Fade Selector.

    Figure. Multitake Editor tab showing a transition point.

    You can also adjust the fade type by double-clicking either part of the crossfade. For more information on fade types, see Creating Fade-Ins and Fade-Outs in the Timeline.

To delete a transition point
  1. Select the vertical transition point line.

  2. Press Delete.