Basic Mixing in Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro gives you the tools to create sophisticated audio mixes for your projects. When you have added audio clips to your project and placed them in the Timeline, you mix the project. Mixing is where you balance different elements, such as dialogue, music, and sound effects, bring focus to key moments and events in the project, and create a sense of perspective by placing sounds in space. When you finish mixing, you have one or more final mixes that you can export.

Figure. Mixer tab.

Soundtrack Pro offers you professional mixing capabilities, including the abilities to create busses and submixes and to send audio to multiple physical outputs. The Mixer provides a visual representation of your project in a virtual mixing console, with channel strips where you control different aspects of the sound. You can adjust volume and pan, mute and solo tracks, choose track submixes, add effects, and observe levels as the project plays. This chapter covers basic mixing. For information about mixing surround sound, see Mixing Surround Sound.