Creating a Surround Project

The following steps outline a general workflow used for editing and mixing surround sound files.

  1. Stage 1: Acquiring the Sound

    As with any audio track, the first step is finding and recording the sound that you want. Soundtrack Pro is flexible in terms of what kinds of files you can use in the surround mix. Input files can be mono, stereo, or surround. While Soundtrack Pro also includes numerous surround clips for music and sound effects, the production audio for most film and video projects is typically either mono or stereo files.

  2. Stage 2: Editing and Arranging a Multitrack Project

    The workflow for editing audio files and arranging them in the multitrack Timeline is very similar for stereo and surround projects. For more information, see Working with Multitrack Projects, Working in the Timeline, and Working in the File Editor.

  3. Stage 3: Mixing Surround

    Soundtrack Pro provides a flexible toolset for creating and adjusting a surround mix. For more information, see Surround Mixing Strategies.

  4. Stage 4: Exporting and Delivering Surround Projects

    Soundtrack Pro supports a variety of workflows and formats for delivering your final surround mix. These include separate audio files for each channel or single multichannel sound files for the entire mix.