Exporting and Delivering 5.1 Surround Projects

Delivery of your finished surround mix can take many forms. Different clients have different file format requirements. In general terms, your options include two broad categories: mixdowns and project files.


In this scenario, you would export one of the following:

  • Six audio files, one for each of the six surround output channels

  • An interleaved multichannel audio file containing all six surround output channels

  • A single flat mixdown file either as an exported file or one sent to Final Cut Pro or Motion

Soundtrack Pro supports the following file formats for six-channel audio export (either as a set of mono files, or as an interleaved multichannel file):

  • AIFF

  • WAVE

  • NeXT

  • Sound Designer II

You can also encode your surround mix directly to the Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) format, which is a very common compressed audio format for DVD-Video discs.

For more information about exporting projects, see Exporting Multitrack Projects.

Project Files

You can also deliver either an exported AAF file or a copy of the Soundtrack Pro project file.

  • AAF: Like the Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format, Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is an industry-standard project interchange format that contains the editing decisions of nonlinear editing projects.
  • Soundtrack Pro project file: For the greatest flexibility, you could deliver the entire project file with its associated media. This would allow for further adjustments in Soundtrack Pro, as needed.

For information on saving projects, see Saving Multitrack Projects and Distributing a Multitrack Project and Its Media Files Together.