Working with Video in Soundtrack Pro

You can import a video into a multitrack or audio file project, view the video as you work on your project, edit the video’s audio, and use markers to synchronize audio and video.

When you import a video, the video appears in the Video tab. When you import a video into a multitrack project, a video clip also appears in a video track in the Timeline. The video’s audio appears as a clip in an audio track in the Timeline and can be moved and edited like other audio clips. You can mute, solo, and adjust the volume and pan of the video’s audio, add effects, and automate changes. You can also open the video’s audio in the File Editor and perform actions or analysis on it.

When you import a video, you can set the Time Ruler units to match the timecode format of the video. Any Final Cut Pro markers contained in the video appear as markers in the Soundtrack Pro Timeline. You can also add markers in Soundtrack Pro and export them to Final Cut Pro with the video file. You can score markers to the playhead, using them to synchronize your soundtrack to the action in the video.

You can work with video in Soundtrack Pro in several ways. You can add audio clips for dialogue and voiceover, music, ambience, and sound effects to the Timeline. You can make exchange files between Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro as you work on both the video and the soundtrack, or bring the final video into Soundtrack Pro to finalize the project. When your soundtrack is complete, you can export it as an AIFF file or save it as part of the video.