Adding a Video to a Project

You can import a video file by dragging the file from a media tab or from the Finder. You can import only one video file into a project.

To import a video file into a project
Do one of the following:
  • Drag the video file from a media tab or the Finder to the video track in the Timeline.

  • Drag the video file from a media tab or the Finder to the Video tab.

    Figure. Video tab showing a video file being dragged to it.
    Figure. Multitrack Timeline showing video in the Video tab, a video clip on the video track, and the audio from the video in a new audio track.

The video is displayed in the Video tab in its correct aspect ratio, and a video clip appears in the video track (the top track in the Timeline), letting you see the duration of the video in the project. The video clip starts at the beginning of the project and cannot be moved to another point in time. Any Final Cut Pro scoring markers included in the video file appear in the Timeline with an orange handle.

If the video contains audio, new audio tracks are added below the video track for each audio track in the movie, and the video’s audio tracks appear as audio clips in the new tracks. You can move, resize, and edit these audio clips like any audio clip in the Timeline, and can use the track controls to control volume and pan, mute or solo the track, and add effects or automation.

Note: When you add a QuickTime movie containing video or a Broadcast Wave (BWF) file to the File Editor, the Time ruler shows the file’s timecode format if the Time Ruler Units menu item is set to either Frame or Non-drop Frame.