About Podcasts

You can quickly and easily produce audio and video podcasts directly from within Soundtrack Pro projects. And you can take video projects from Final Cut Pro and make podcasts from them using Soundtrack Pro. Podcasts are audio and video broadcasts available on the Internet. Unlike traditional radio and television shows with set schedules, podcasts can be listened to at any time in the iTunes application or on an iPod. You can even publish your podcast to iTunes and reach a potential audience of millions. Besides democratizing what used to be known as radio, the podcasting movement provides new avenues of distribution for recorded lectures and educational materials, audio tours of museums, conference meeting updates, and so on.

Soundtrack Pro provides professional and prosumer podcasters the tools to create extremely high-quality podcasts. And with the podcasting workflow built right into Soundtrack Pro, audio post-production personnel can easily create versions of their sound for picture mix or edit that are ready for iPod. This way, a small audience of clients and colleagues can enjoy the convenience of listening to or watching the programs using iPod or iTunes.

Podcasts fall into three broad categories:

Podcasts are typically published in a series of episodes. Soundtrack Pro supports the creation of episodes.

You can add chapter markers, images, and web links to your podcasts using the podcast track and the Details tab in Soundtrack Pro.

Note: If you want to make a simple audio or video podcast with no markers, images, or web links, skip to Exporting Podcasts.